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Community Grow

Hi could you help at all to make the below a reality to help families in need

We are offering business to go on our website under the project when it is live and what done to help as well as on the sign that have outside to


We value everybody who supports us, and we would like to ask you all for a one off small donation of £1.00, however we would be grateful for any larger donations.


Please use link below

To help us make the below a reality:

What we need funds for:
- We want to install a large poly tunnel to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs.

* You ask why:
- We want to be able to donate the grown items to families who need it, as well as food banks.
- We can grow and harvest the items and then make up donation boxes for those in need.
- We also want to be able to get people of all ages to learn to grow their own produce.
This will be open to all people including anybody who may have ill health or disabilities.
- The project will also help people who could be lonely, especially as we provide free tea and coffee. We are always here to provide a space for those who wish to talk.

* What we are asking for will cover:

- The costs of :
_ The poly tunnel and accessories
_ Soil needed
_ Seeds bulbs feeder needed
_ Guttering and water butts

- We will also donate veg to a local pub that caters Christmas meals for families in need as well as the homeless.
- We will also offer stews made in the woods with the veg we grow for free.
- We are asking for help so we can help people who are in need, and help to make a difference within the community.
- Many of us might have been in a bad position in the past where they couldn't afford food or were struggling, etc due to ill health. This project could make a difference to that.